All Dragons start out as a Dragon Egg.  Create your own.  We have two different ones based on ages groups.  For children we have paper mache ones to paint.  For teens we have foam eggs that you’ll put thumbtacks in for Dragon Scales and then paint over them.  Tutorial at:

Please specify which one you’d like to pick up & two paint color you’d like to take home.  We will give out a paint brush while supplies last.

You can call 913-295-8250 ext. 4 to tell us you will want to take one of these crafts home.  Call us when you get here and we’ll set it out on our curbside table for pick-up.

We are located at 831 S 55th St, Kansas City, KS, 66106. We are located in the back of the Turner Recreation Commission. Please park near the back library entrance for curbside pick-up.