Written by Morgan Nix (Main Library)

Did you play Animal Crossing during quarantine!? Well, our staff certainly has! And among all of the fun, we can have collecting unique furniture and critters to fill up our islands and museums; you might not know how to decorate all of that extra space!

Have you thought about making your island themed? Maybe it’s the land of fairies or an island of superheroes? Jaky at South Branch made an island based on Wonder Woman’s Home, Themyscira.  “I’m a big fan of the superhero genre; you might see some superhero suits (thanks to all the awesome creators out there!) here and there around the island – especially at the stalls in the mini-market place. Speaking of, I have set up a few stalls where visitors can take DIYs recipes, flower seeds, and some fashion items. My island is definitely still a work in progress!”

Here Jaky has set up a lovely beach-side tailors shop! It really has captured the tropical feel of the island, don’t you think? Even Wonder Woman has to have a place to relax.

Want a more natural feel? How about a nice relaxing picnic area? Here Jaqueline from West has set up her hammock between two trees and took a nice quiet little nap from a hard day at gardening on the island of Pearadise!

Or how about a nice place to stargaze? Well, Emily from West has figured out that one with a hammock spot surrounded by flowers and flamingos. It’s going to be hard to see those stars with sunglasses on, Emily!

When you’re spending all day fishing, catching bugs, and finding fossils to donate to the museum, you want the entrance to be beautiful, right? Both Abigail and I have some grand entrances. Abigail from the West branch has a full T-rex in front of her museum, leading to a pond and a fountain!

Me? Well, my island, Berrybell, has a double bridge walkway with waterfalls on either side.

There are so many things you can do in Animal Crossing! Try building an ice cream parlor on the beach!

Or maybe a fancy public pool!?

On my island of Berrybell, I made a park and a market!

But wait, something is missing! OH, how could I forget every town, big or small, sandy or rocky, tropical or forested, needs a library!