Staying at home during quarantine/Stay-at-home order is a great time to learn a new language.  Have you ever wondered how to say or read something in Russian? You have a unique opportunity to practice with a native speaker. 

Every Friday, starting on June 5th, we will post a Russian lesson covering the basics of the language. You will learn the Russian alphabet, how to tell time, how to count and many other interesting things. This is the first class in the series of the Russian language online classes. 

Lesson 1. Introduction into the Russian language 

Lesson 2. Russian alphabet part.1 

Lesson 3. Russian alphabet part.2 

Lesson 4. Counting in Russian. Cardinal numbers. 

Lesson 5. Ordinal numbers 

Lesson 6. Days of the week. Seasons

Lesson 7. Date and Time 

If you are interested in learning the basics of Russian, please email the instructor at to sign up.