If you have peas in the garden and you need a way for them to “climb,” just a few items are needed.  First, get a couple of posts.  I use steel fence posts that are about 5 feet in length.  Pound them in the ground at both ends of your planted row of peas. 

Cut to length a piece of twine that extends to both posts and secure at the top of the posts.  Then take an individual strand of twine for each plant and cut off enough twine, so it reaches the soil, and the twine strung between the two posts (to be safe, cut off a little extra).  Secure the twine at the soil level at the base of the pea plant.   I use weed block fabric “staples,” but a large nail will do fine.

You may have to “train” the pea plant, but once attached, the plant is likely to do the rest itself.

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