1. Watch an English-language movie with the subtitles on to get used to seeing words on the screen, (If you live in an apartment or have been locked in the same house with the same people for weeks, this is also a respectful way to watch movies late at night.)
  2. Watch a subtitled action film such as The Raid: Redemption. It’s non-stop kicking and punching. The dialogue is mostly grunts and screams.
  3. Watch the English-language remake of a foreign film followed by the original subtitled foreign film. Suggestion: Scorsese’s The Departed followed by Infernal Affairs.
  4. Watch a compelling subtitled film by a skilled filmmaker. My friend Laura, usually subtitle-adverse, told me that the movie Parasite was so good that halfway through, she stopped noticing the subtitles.

You can watch these titles free with your library card.

The Raid: Redemption

The Departed

Infernal Affairs