Have you ever wondered how your favorite mobile apps work? Do you have a great idea for your own video game, app, or website but don’t know how to build it? Are you excited about technology and want to build your skills? Now is a perfect time to learn how to code!

Coding is how we communicate with computers what we want them to do. Using programming languages, coding allows us to build mobile applications, amazing websites, video games, and cutting-edge technology like robots!

If you can tap into your creativity and be a little bit brave, you can try coding for yourself! Here are ways to learn coding at home for all ages:

For preschoolers:

Try ScratchJr! The pre-reader version of the popular coding platform Scratch, ScratchJr, is a fun way for young children to learn the fundamentals of computer science. Download the app on your iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, or Android smartphone or tablet by searching for “ScratchJr” in your app store.

For Kindergarten through 5th grade:

Try Code.org! Code.org is well known among coding instructors for its comprehensive coding courses for all ages, from K-5 to middle and high school and beyond. Code.org does an excellent job of teaching both coding basics and more advanced concepts, all for free, with a user-friendly block-coding interface. Send your elementary schooler on a course with multiple lessons, or try their Hour of Code programming for a quick fix!

For ages 9 and up:

VidCode is offering a free Virtual Coding Club while the pandemic crisis continues, so now is the time to take advantage of VidCode’s amazing coding platform, friendly and knowledgeable instructors, and awesome curriculum! Sign up for free for a 45-minute club meeting every Tuesday at 2:00 CST. Once you have attended 3 Tuesday club meetings, you can attend Thursday meetings as well to learn more advanced concepts.

The free Virtual Coding Club is no longer being offered.

For teens and adults:

Always wanted to learn how to build a mobile app? Try Thunkable! Their block coding platform makes it so easy to build the mobile app of your dreams, and you can live-test your projects on your own smartphone or tablet. Plus, you can find dozens of tutorials on YouTube for quizzes, games, and other apps. Sign up for free and give this one a try; it’s so much fun!