Folded Frog Hand Puppet

I love teaching kids to make crafts that they can play with later. This frog puppet is super cute, and while learning to fold it can be tricky at first, once you’ve got it down, you can use the folding technique to make all kinds of different puppets.


  • green, red and white paper
  • tape
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • marker


  • Watch the video above to learn how to fold the main part of your frog puppet.
  • Make eyes to glue on top of your frog. Start by cutting hill shapes out of white paper and gluing them onto larger hill shapes made of green paper. See the pictures above.
  • Draw pupils in the middle of the eyes and fold back the bottoms to make flaps you can glue to the puppet to make the eyes stand up on top of your frog’s face
  • Finally, cut a tongue out of red paper and glue it inside of your frog’s mouth.
  • If you do complete the craft, I’d love to see it! You can email me a picture at!

Recommended Reading:

Learn more about frogs by checking out one of these books available through our eCommunity!

  • The Life Cycle of a Frog by Colleen Sexton, available on Hoopla
  • Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold Lobel, available on Hoopla

Extension Activity:

For more folding fun, you can try making an Origami Jumping Paper Frog!