Puff Paint Ice Cream Cones

My kids (Mason, age 8, and Lola, age 5) and I are learning about ice cream today and making our own super simple two-ingredient puff paint for our craft! The puff paint is equal parts shaving cream and white school glue. We left it white to make vanilla ice cream, but you can use food coloring to dye it whatever color you would like! The puff paint will eventually dry so that you will be able to touch it, but it will be a little fragile and prone to flaking if you handle it too roughly.


  • shaving cream
  • white glue
  • bowl
  • utensil for mixing/scooping/spreading (we used a craft stick)
  • paper (we used brown for the cone, blue for the background, and multiple colors to make sprinkles)
  • glue stick (or you can use the white school glue)
  • scissors
  • markers/crayons/colored pencils (optional)


  • Mix equal amounts of white glue and shaving cream together to form your puff paint.
  • Cut a long triangle from brown paper to form your ice cream cone and glue it onto your background paper. Or, even easier, just draw a cone on your paper!
  • Scoop some of your puff paint onto your background paper above the cone, spread it around to form whatever shape you like! Is it pointy at the top like soft-serve? Or rounded like a scoop of ice cream?
  • Decorate your ice cream! We cut tiny strips of multi-colored paper to make sprinkles. You could also use a hole punch to make sprinkles or add a cherry on top! I drew lines on my cone to make it look like a waffle cone. Mason added a sun in the corner and a drip of ice cream down his cone to make it look like it was starting to melt. Your creation is up to you!
  • If you do complete the craft, I’d love to see it! You can email me a picture at rmiller@kckpl.org!

Recommended Reading:

You can expand your ice cream knowledge by checking out one of these books available through our eCommunity!

  • Curious George and the Ice Cream Surprise by H.A. Rey, available on Hoopla
  • How Is It Made? Ice Cream by R. J. Bailey, available on Hoopla

Extension Activity:

We will be learning more about ice cream by making our own easy ice cream in a bag using this recipe. Ice cream in a bag is usually a summertime tradition at the South Branch, we’ve been making it with kids for the last 8 years!